+ What do the controls do? 

+ What styles of LEDs can I buy?

+ Will the Audiolux One work with non-addressable LEDs?
No, analog strips will not work with the Audiolux One.  [Edit: Analog LED strip lights require entirely different hardware to control, they need analog hardware to adjust the current flowing on the traces of the strip; and because the adjustment is made at the controller the entire strip changes together, so they can't create all the awesome effects like addressable LED strips.Digitally addressable strips are supplied fixed power and a digital signal, the chip inside each LED reads a portion of the signal and adjusts the brightness of each element on the individual LED.ViVi will initially only work with WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, and WS2813 LEDs; these can be in the form of strips, strings, matrices, or individual LEDs.]

+ Do I need to power LED strips separately? [edit question]

+ How many LEDs can an Audiolux One control? 

+ Where can I find the technical specifications? 

+ How do you change the program? 

+ What is the Audiolux One made of? 

+ How does it work? 

+ What comes in the package?

+ Does the Stomp box lit up?
Yes, the latest version lights up when it’s on. 

+ Does the Audiolux One come with a warranty?
Yes, a one year warranty.